About Celebration, Florida

It would be near impossible not to love a place with a name like Celebration. Developed by none other than The Walt Disney Company itself, Disney CEO Michael Eisner encouraged the executives at the Disney Development Company to make Celebration worthy of the Disney brand and legacy.

There is something pretty incredible about living in a town where whimsy and magic are a part of the culture. If you love the warm temperate climate but miss the changing seasons, just take a stroll by the Celebration Hotel. Autumn brings leaf shaped confetti and winter brings snow bubbles, all of which fall from the lamp posts on Market Street.

There are events and festivities galore in Celebration, from community-wide yard sales, an art show and an exotic car festival, to the annual Radio Disney Holiday concert, Oktoberfest Celebration, and the "Great American Pie Festival.”

World-renowned architects designed Celebration to fit modern lifestyles and tastes. Most homes are specifically designed with front porches, encouraging residents to gather in the front yard. The exteriors have a Southeastern flair and a traditional look, but the town is anything but.

Celebration has successfully combined education, health, imagination, technology and architecture into a community that is not like any other.